So many questions - Lots of answers!

Everything you want to know!

I can relate - trying to find the perfect photographer for your wedding can be a lot of stress and research and sometimes a little bit overwhelming.

I really wanna help you so I here's a collection of questions I get asked again and again! Hopefully, your questions will be answered and if not - please don't hesitate to contact me via email or phone!



How will we receive our images?

Your images will be delivered in a beautiful gallery online. You will receive a guest link as well so you can send the images to your friends and family easy and won’t have to upload them to a separate platform. Also, if your package is 8h or more, get ready for the mailman since there’s a surprise package coming!


What's it like shooting with you?

I am trying my best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I know that this is not a situation you are in daily and that it can feel awkward. I want to keep things casual, make jokes and have a great time with you. Trust me, even when my suggestions and ideas sound a little whacky or weird – I promise, you will love the result as I always want to make you look as good and happy as possible in your images! I encourage you to let your guard down and just be yourselves!


Where are you based? Will you travel?

I am based in Zurich, Switzerland but I absolutely love to travel and cover weddings in all of Europe and will cover your wedding wherever you want to take me! Travel costs all over Switzerland are included, travel fees for other destinations apply.


Do you offer custom packages?

Of course! I love people who know what they want and have a special day planned for themselves and their loved ones. Please let me know what exactly you want to include in your package (hours, album, additional sessions etc.), and you will receive a detailed and personalized offer!


How many photos do you deliver?

Of course, this depends on your desired package. I usually deliver approximately 500 images for an 8-hour coverage and up to 800 images for a 12-hour coverage. This amount can vary due to every wedding day being unique. For couple sessions, I usually deliver ca. 70 images.


Can we get to know you before booking?

Absolutely! Since I genuinely believe that good chemistry is one of the most 8-hour factors in getting great wedding images, I love to meet you before your wedding! We can talk about all your ideas for your big day, go over your timeline, you can have a look at and feel of the albums and of course, most importantly, we can see if we are a good fit! If you don’t live in the area, we can also Skype or FaceTime!


When can we expect our images?

You will receive a handful of images within the first 2 – 3 days of your wedding. Depending on my workload and the season, you will receive the rest of your images 3-6 weeks after your wedding.


How do we book you?

You can email me via, or you can fill out the form on the CONTACT page (I appreciate all the extra info!!). It only takes a minute to complete it. I work on a first come, first served basis. To reserve your wedding date, I require a retainer fee and a signed agreement, which we will discuss in detail at the in-person meeting.


Will you post our images online? Can we opt out?

Yes, and yes. I proudly tell the stories of the people who I get to capture on such an important day and love being able to bridge the gap of those who celebrated and cried with you, but also those who couldn’t be there in person. Also, this is how my business continues to grow, and more and more people see what we create together. So, I am incredibly grateful in case you allow me to use your photos to show future couples how I work.

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